Press release from the organizer – 20/04/23

According to multiple requests received from many chess players and only after the approval received from the Italian Chess Federation, which we consulted in order to obtain authorisation, rating access to Main Tournament was modified to 1500 ELO points.

Anyone not satisfied because of change as above and therefore would take decision to resign from participating in the tournament, once the organizer has been informed by email latest by 01st June 2023, will be able to obtain a full refund of the entry fee, if already paid.

Amount of wild cards that can be requested to play Master Tournament or Main Tournament remain unchanged as 2. Both have been already assigned.

We take this opportunity to point out that the Indian GM Vikash NR has not obtained his visa and therefore he will not be able to take part in the event. He has been replaced by GM Oleg Korneev. Presence of 3 Grand Masters, from different countries will grant to achieve GM and IM norms.

We thank you for your kind attention.

Chess Projects ASD

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