Dear Players,

you receive this message because you are registered as a participant in the 12th International Salento Chess Open 2023 so if something has changed and your intention to take part in the event has failed, please notify us with the utmost urgency.

You can see the members of the tournament at this link:

We come to some recommendations to pay close attention to:

  • All Italian players in order to play must be registered competitively or youth to the Italian Chess Federation
  • All foreign players must be in possession of the FIDE FIN otherwise they will not be able to participate in the event (if you have any doubts contact your federation and check)
  • All transfers to and from Brindisi airport and Lecce train station are coordinated by the reception of the Ecoresort Le Sirenè of Caroli Hotels… and not from Chess Projects’ chess organizationE
  • Even if you have registered by filling out the form and paying the registration fee, it is mandatory to confirm your presence at the tournament hall by 2.30 pm (initially it was 1.00 pm but 1.30 pm was added on request) on Sunday 11 June. Those who do not do so may not be paired for the first round of play, thus debuting in the second with an initial forfeit defeat
  • Anyone wishing to request a 1/2 point bye must send an email before the start of the tournament to the main referee Mr. Giovanni Sedile indicating name, surname, tournament and which round they want to skip. Verbal or late requests are not accepted by the regulation
  • The FSI regulation has become (certainly not by our will or pleasure) very restrictive towards access to tournaments for which you do not have the ownership of participation due to lack of rating. We therefore ask you to respect the rules and check on the official website that you have been included in the correct tournament. Some exceptions are present because a wild card was requested in time (only two accessible per tournament)
  • Saturday evening around 19.00 at the lounge bar pool area there will be a musical entertainment on the piano of the international performer Jason Kouchak which will be repeated later twice more during the week
  • At the Ecoresort Le Sirenè it will be possible to see the Champions League 2023 final
  • Champions League final cause the Welcome Blitz is moved from Saturday 10th June at 21.30 to Sunday 11th June at 22.00. Don’t miss it!
  • During the week, except for the mornings of double shift and final round, some football matches will be scheduled at 10.30 am at the 5-a-side football field next to the pool. Mr. Leonardo Dagnoni will be responsible for these events and you will find him on the field 10 minutes before the start
  • During the week morning excursions to Lecce, Gallipoli and Otranto will be proposed. More information in the game room and on the
  • It is possible to meet the referee and / or the organizer in the morning of June 10 at the venue from 10.30 to 13.00 and then in the afternoon from 14.00 to 15.00
  • For emergencies it is possible to contact the organizer FIDE I.O. Matteo Zoldan +39 3496519747 (do not leave voicemail, better rather what’s up or email message)

We wish you a pleasant stay and an excellent tournament!

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