Chess Projects press release 06/07

On 01/07 the FSI published the safety protocol for the practice of chess allowing the resumption of competitive activity for events of national interest in compliance with the rules indicated in the protocol itself.
Chess Projects, despite being dissatisfied with the content of the protocol and trusting that it will be revised in the coming months by simplifying some particularly invasive aspects, such as the obligation to wear the mask during the game and alternating over the game board, for its spirit of service and its institutional mission, it is in favor of organizing the 9th Salento 2020 Open.
As well as being equally favorable, Caroli Hotels has declared itself ready to give its full support so that the protocol is respected and to implement in parallel additional security measures to guarantee the players and all those taking part in the event.
– A maximum of 3 game rooms will be made available with a capacity of hosting a total of 90/120 players divided into a maximum of 30/40 per single room, half of what was done in the past.
– The rooms will be sanitized at the end of each round and twice a day in case of double rounds and will not be used for other activities.
– At the entrance before the start of each round, the temperature will be tested with a scanner for each player who intends to access it.
– Access to the game room will be close to the start of the round and differentiated
– Players, the refereeing staff, the organizing staff and the hotel staff will not be admitted to the public gaming room except 1 parent or companion (with delegation) of the minor participating in the tournament.
– All daily accesses will be recorded.
– The analysis room will be outdoors in the area in front of the swimming pool, the game pieces of the analysis room will be sanitized every day.
– The evening lessons will also be organized outdoors in the area in front of the swimming pool with the necessary distances.
– Organizational staff and arbitral staff, when present within the playing area, will wear personal protective visor during the tournament
– There will be no opening speech of the tournament and any awards ceremony will be held outdoors and with the appropriate distances
Players wishing to participate in the tournament are asked for the following
1. Fill in the registration form again
2. Pay the registration fee by bank transfer within 7 days of completing the form on the site (also for those who are required to pay € 10.00 of the homologation fee only)
3. Take a careful look at the FSI protocol and sign that you have read and understood its contents
5. Wear the mask during the game session and leave the playing area as soon as the game is over
6. Use the dispenser containing the appropriate gel to sanitize the hands, located at the entrance of the game room, before accessing the game station and again frequently during the game
7. Before the start of the event, upon arrival at the Ecoresort Le Sirene tourist facility, deliver the form with the self-declaration on your health to reception
8. Respect all the rules contained in the FSI protocol and the regional ones of the Puglia region where the event takes place
Thanking you for your attention and trusting that these rules can be subsequently softened, we await you in Gallipoli in September!
Chess Projects ASD
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