New schedule for the 9th International Chess Open 2020

We are right back to announce that next edition of 9th Salento Chess Open 2020 is planned from 19th to 26th September 2020 by a single tournament for players rated <2350.

We do not believe you will be surprised to know that event will be not done on the dates scheduled for 17-23 May, due to the contingent situation strongly conditioned by the Coronavirus emergency.

We want to surprise you, however, by positively communicating that thanks to consolidated collaboration of Caroli Hotels, venue and sponsor of the tournament for years, an alternative date has been identified for a development of the event in SEPTEMBER 2020.

Yesterday, therefore, the proposal was presented to the Italian Chess Federation which implies a revision of the structure of the event while maintaining its fundamental characteristics of a classic 9-round tournament to be held over 7 days at the usual venue and always appreciated at the headquarters of the Ecoresort Le Sirenè in Gallipoli (Le) ( The conduct of the event remains and will in any case remain bound to the regulations of the CONI and the federation to which it belongs in relation to sporting events both as regards the actual performance and as regards the methods with which it will be necessary to play.

Health remains however the top priority and only the presence of all the guarantees to protect it will make it possible to carry out this event, like any other sporting event.

Waiting for feedback from those who have a duty to take the opportunity to greet the many fans who took part in the previous 8 editions and in particular those who contacted us urging us to do everything in our power to allow his also held this year. The affection you show us has always been a reason for us of pride and the fuel that motivates us year after year to carry on what has become a tradition and a classic appointment for the opening of the summer racing season … and which this year could instead instead become its pleasant closure.

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