Press Release – 22/05/2019

The eighth edition of the Salento International Chess Open 2019 sees the presence of 70 players and 11 nationalities represented including Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, England, France, Germany, Serbia, Argentina, United States, India. Among the titled players, the presence of the World and European Under-12 Champion, FIDE Master Volodar Murzin (RUS) accompanied by his coach as well as the Great Master Mikhail Kobalia (RUS) who participates in the tournament as n. 2 of the board can be mentioned.

After 5 rounds of game characterized by very tight matches and no players left with full points, there is parity with the group of favorites in command.
We can therefore expect a heart-pounding final part that will reveal whether the Great Master Sabino Brunello, winner of the latest edition, will be able to prove himself champion by rejecting the assault of the fearsome opponents.

The tournament sees a busy schedule that meets the chess, tourist and sporting expectations of even the many non-professional players present. With morning trips to discover the Salento tradition, sports at Ecoresort Le Sirenè and evening lessons given by the present players present for the benefit of the technical improvement of the interested amateurs.

Also this year, thanks to the union Chess Projects ASD / Caroli Hotels, Gallipoli hosts an international tournament proving to be the epicenter of Apulian chess.
The baton will be taken in August by the local club of the Accademia Scacchistica Salentina with the classic appointment of the “Sant’Anna” Open.

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