Final press release – 26/05/18

The 7th edition of the Salento International Chess Open 2018 Ecoresort Le Sirené ends with a prestigious Italian victory! The great master Sabino Brunello from Bergamo finishes unbeaten and defeats during the tournament both the favorites on the eve, the strong brothers Vovk, Andryi and Yuri, and scores 7 and 1/2 points out of 9 games played on the chessboard.

Il podio
The podium (click to zoom)

Italy still in the limelight thanks to the international master standard obtained by the FIDE master  Giuseppe Lettieri from Campania who beat the international maestro Carlo D’Amore from Rome in a thrilling last game.

Second place for the Ukrainian GM Andryi Vovk with 1 point of disadvantage.

The surprise of the tournament was the debutant French international master Cécile Haussernot who realized the prestigious rule of a woman grandmaster.

At the final award ceremony, the tournament director and CEO of Chess Projects Matteo Zoldan greeted the participants, highlighting the winning combination of “chess and tourism”, the indispensable support of Caroli Hotels and hoping for a greater involvement of the city of Gallipoli for the future …

… for example for the eighth edition, already in the pipeline in May 2019, a simultaneous of the former Russian world champion Anatoly Karpov at the castle!

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