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According to article 13D. Lgs. 196/2003, we inform the user is authorising the fact that any professional and/or personal data he/she submits through electronic forms on the website will be treated according to article 13D. Lgs. 196/2003 and will be protected by CHESS PROJECTS ASD and utilised only to confirm enrolment in a tournament, to respond to the user’s queries, to provide information and to contact the user subsequently. This data may be treated with electronic tools, apt at guaranteed safety and privacy of the data and used to create and manage archives and lists according to the aforementioned norm.
In relation to the aforementioned treatment, the user can exercise his/her rights according to article 7 of the legislative decree 196/03.
The proprietor of the treatment of data is CHESS PROJECTS ASD, based in Milan, via Luigi Sacco 8 20146. This address must be used for any legal communications, via post or email, following article 7 of the legislative decree 196/03.



“Cookies” are brief text files that allow a website’s server to memories information to be used in any following access to the website in the same session (session cookies) or after that, even in the following days (persistent cookies).
Cookies are saved on the device according to the browser settings, which can be modified by the user.


The first kind of cookies is referred to as “technical”: these cookies are necessary for the correct function of the website, in particular for function such as login and access to reserved areas.
This website does not use cookies of this kind for which the current legislation requires any obligations other than this informative policy.

A second kind of cookies are “analytical”, and they are used to observe and memorise the number of visits a website receives for statistical purposes.
The current legislation has different requirements for “first party” cookies, i.e. generated and used exclusively by the manager of the website, and “third party” cookies, i.e. generated and managed by a service external to the website.
This website uses an internal statistical system to anonymously gather IP addresses and Google Analytics, which is set up to 1) anonymously gather visitors’ IP addresses, and 2) prevent Google from crossing over the gathered data with any other data it may already possess.
Based on what has just been described, user consent is not required to continue browsing this website.

A third type of cookies is called “profiling cookies”: these are used to send targeted advertisements based on the navigational preference of the user. This website does not use this kind of cookies, which would require user consent and notification of the guarantor.

Legal reference:

Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l’informativa e l’acquisizione del consenso per l’uso dei cookie – 8 maggio 2014
Individuation of simplified modalities for information and acquisition of consent of cookies use – 8th May 2014
(Pubblished on the Gazzetta Ufficiale n.126 of the 3rd June 2014)
Action record n. 229 of 8th May 2014

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