Doesn’t time fly?  It seems only yesterday that Chess Projects presented their first chess event, the Open International Alimini Village in 2011, and already we have reached the 3rd edition of the International Open of Salento 2014 – Ecoresort the Sirenè!

Click the image to download the event brochure

Click the image to download the event brochure

Click to visit the site dedicated to the 2nd OPEN INTERNATIONAL Salento 2013

Click to visit the site dedicated to the 2nd OPEN INTERNATIONAL Salento 2013

It is well known that three is the magic number, and if the first year is devoted to the launch of a new event, the second to its consolidation … the third should represent full maturity.

Hopefully it will be so for this event!

It is a good time to reflect, and we would like to thank two people without whom the event would not have reached this significant milestone and with their cooperation we will hopefully many achieve many more in the near future .

The first is the President of Chess Academy of Salento, Mr. Aldo Russo, who, along with his association, since the edition held in Otranto (where Aldo , lucky man, is fortunate enough to reside) has proved to be an essential support to the success of the event but also a great chess enthusiast and a sincere friend.

Thanks Aldo!

The second is Dr. Attilio Caputo of Caroli Hotels, who we should remind you have four renowned hotels in Salento (in Gallipoli, plus the Hotel Bellavista, Jolly Hotel Costa Brada Resort and the beautiful Santa Maria di Leuca Terminal Hotel).

It was in fact the commitment, strategic vision and passion for chess shown by Attilio which allowed the development of the Open thanks to the successful marriage of Salento and the Costa Brada Resort and the town of Gallipoli.

A sincere thank you to you too Attilio!

It would be unfair, however, to forget the Puglia Regional Committee of the FSI , the Association of Chess Gallipoli “AD Chess La Salle Gallipoli ” and the many chess players from Puglia who support us with their sympathy and passion!

Now we come to 2014 edition!

Although it is never easy, we hope to add many new friends from new and distant countries. As you can see by looking at the list of previous participants at our tournament people find it hard not to return the following year!  As an organiser, this is the best sign of confidence in an event that you can hope for.

With 66 players present in 2013, over half the field came to play come from all around the world.

For many reasons, economic and practical, it is hard to predict how large the field will be in any year – but what interests us primarily is the QUALITY of the opposition, the service we offer and the multicultural atmosphere, which is always assured in every edition!

We urge, however, all Italian chess players to make their voice heard by taking their place in the tournament and make the home advantage count!

In order to meet their objective needs in these times of economic crisis, Chess Projects and Caroli Hotels have confirmed the prices of food, board and entry fees at the 2013 rates (without any kind of increase) with offers such as “When four people book together, then the fourth is FREE! “ and “Bring a NEW FRIEND and get 50 % discount on the entry fee to the tournament! “

In terms of offers, activities, and so instead we share …

from prices to stay content and the excellent cuisine offered by Ecoresort Le Sirenè ,

From the friendly and nearby games room,

to the beautiful tourist opportunities that Salento offers … starting with the free tour to visit the historical center of Lecce, courtesy of Caroli Hotels ,

the free evening chess lectures from our titled guests (the first of which is by Grandmaster Igor Naumkim whose lectures have become an essential must-see event of the week)

the football challenge “Italy vs Rest of the World ” which is played in the style if the film ” Escape to Victory ”

from mini tennis matches in singles and doubles ,

the Blitz Tournaments in the evening, great competitive social events and very competitive – two tournaments this year!

and finally the new addition to the schedule of the vintage of poker competitions ” Texas Hold’em”

Even several months before the event the guest list is still being finalized , and also as we all know there are always some changes related to fluctuations in the season (starting with the ever-looming ” Mitropa Cup” ) , however, you can find an up to date list of invited players and registrations on the website, follow us on Twitter, and in the Facebook group of Chess Projects (now more than 700 members) and in the future in there will be a FB page dedicated to the event .

As a final treat , we suggest you read the report of last year’s tournament which appeared on Chessdom :

We hope that all the above attractions, combined with the passion and commitment that we put in to meeting your expectations may be the best  encouragement to persuade you to join with us in 2014!

A friendly greeting from Chess Projects to all chess players that once again, or for the very first time, will want to be at the “center” of the action.

Chess Projects ASD