One year is over and we are finally here together to introduce 2nd Salento International Chess Open located again in the green oasis of luxury Ecoresort Le Sirenè, Gallipoli (Lecce) in the deep South of Italy.

Our mission is confirmed as “Chess player is, again, center of everything!”

Last year Gm Igor Khenkin from Germany and Gm Roberto Mogranzini from Italy shared first position (bucholtz defined Igor Khenkin as official winner) and Roberto (Mogranzini) got right there his second GM norm.
Just few days (end of December ’12) ago he achieved title by third norm and we are proud to announce he will be officially playing next edition as GM (10th of Italy chess history!)

This second edition of Salento Chess Open is a new adventure and we are proud to share improvements done and efforts provided with All of You!

The formula will remain the same, the hotel welcome along with the excellent local food, the beach on the Ionio sea, the swimming pool next to the comfortable tournament hall, the evening lectures managed by GM and IM, sightseeing tour to the historical sites (Gallipoli, Lecce, Otranto, S: Maria di Leuca), the possibility to play football and tennis inside the hotel, daily chess games broadcasted live thanks to usual “Scacchi Randagi” support.

Don’t’ worry…the accommodation price is the freezed up to last year!

At the same time any new tournament edition has something new: these years the changes are several and important, from where do we want to start?

Shall we start from the Open A prizefund for the amount of € 5.000 or from the first place open B reward of a free full board staying for the 2014 edition (or for any other Chess Project tournaments around), or from the consolidated partnership with tha Accademia Scacchistica Salentina friends located at Pisignano, and the new partnership with the circolo scacchistico di Gallipoli, historical chess association La Salle Gallipoli?

This new leitmotiv edition will be the Ladies presence in the chess tournament!

The international level in the female chess is higher and higher and this year the challange is to play against some strong ladies players from the olimpic teams who joined Istanbul Olimpiad 2012.

Are you ready to challanghe the Hungarian WGM Tanja Sachdev, WGM Anna Rudolf, Sanja e Mira Dedijer sisters from Bosnia-Herzegovina?

There will be also a fierce male group leaded from from GM Oleg Korneev and GM Igor Naumkim from Russia, GM Csaba Horvath from Hungary, IM Pierluigi Piscopo living few miles far from tournament venue and last but not least a rising stars of the Italian chess, IM Alessio Valsecchi who will take care to manage daily bulletin and report/analyse chess daily news.

Another news is the FIDE seminary for the international organiser title to be held during the first week end (24th 26th may), by the Event FIDE commission secretary.

This is the first time that such seminary is hold in Italy, I can personally guarantee it as I followed it in Turkey during the chess Olimpic game: What is it about?

Please see the official annoucement, but I will give you some more important information. The seminary is a 3 days (24th/25th/26th May) full immersion where is possible to go deaper in segrets to improve your own oranization capabilities.

The seminary will be held by Theodoros Tsorbatoglou, the organizer of the most important international event.

Have you not yet organised any or less than 3 but you want to do it? Don’t worry! As soon as you pass the exame and you will organize at least 3 tournament you can present document to obtain the official title of FIDE International Organizer

During the week you will follow also the following activity

  • Free sightseeing of Gallipoli old town on Sunday (morning 26th May)
  • Football traditional match Italy vs the rest of the word (morning)
  • Short Tennis tournaments (morning)
  • Middle week blitz tournament (date to be fixed)
  • Evening chess lectures managed by invited GM, WGM and IM

I think we have given you all …we look forward to your joining us and you can trust us you won’t regret.

Chess Projects ASD