Update 12/05/22

1. According to FSI anti COVID-19 and Anti-Cheating security protocol players registered to the tournament will have to attend a dedicated meeting that will take place in the open area in front of the tennis court or at the lounge bar in front of the swimming pool on Saturday 14th May at 2.30 pm.

2. International Master Angelo Damia will be available every day (except the morning of the double round) from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm at lounge bar area in front of the pool to manage a free chess training open to everyone

3. Italian Master/CMF Matteo Zoldan will be available on evenings Sunday 15th May, Tuesday 17th May and Thursday 19th May for a free chess lecture in one of the hotel’s conference rooms from 9.30 pm to 11 pm.

4. Written official request for 1/2 point bye will have to be sent by the player to tournament arbiter before start of the tournament. It is also possible to do it by e-mail, sending message to following email address: dviol@inwind.it and copy to info@chesspro.it

Update 27/04/22

The new FSI health protocol for fight against Covid 19 is operational from today 27 April and has been published on the official website www.federscacchi.it.

In summary:

  • the need to have the Green Pass is no longer valid;
  • the obligation to wear a mask indoors remains in all the venues where tournaments are played, and during training and playing activities within the offices of the Associations, including the access and transit areas;
  • the lateral distance between one chessboard and the other must be at least one meter;
  • in the case of using tables with a depth of less than one meter, the use of the FFP2 mask is mandatory for both players. Alternatively, the presence of the anti-ventilation divider is required.

Other rules concern the obligation to use disinfectants and the methods of entry and exit of players from the halls.

The FSI specifies that these rules “will be updated based on the epidemiological evolution and the consequent evolution of national legislation or in the presence of provisions of the Department of Sport or CONI” tendentially “with the aim of gradually removing the prescriptions”.